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Coping Mechanisms?

Coping with bleeds/clots..

I've always had to use both tamps and pads to reduce the affects of my floods. Recently this isn't working, they're progressively getting worse and the Internet questionably suggests pain relief and alcohol to reduce bleeds; but I think I bleed/clot more when I drink or take pain killers.

Does anyone have any guidance on what I can do? What works for them?

I've only recently been diagnosed and I could praise my gyno til the cows come home for finally giving me an answer - but my doctor just doesn't want to listen.

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Bleeding will only go down if you start taking a hormonal contraceptive and even then it may just shorten your periods after wards (in my case) while still being heavy.

Clots and heavy bleeding are a common symptom.

I often wore a super tampon and pad.

You could try a menstraul cup too.


Yeah I'm on the combined pill as nothing else works, tried everything but the coil.

I might look into a cup though! Thanks

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I'm on the progesterone pill but I take 1 1/2 and might be taking 2 soon since I got a period again, at first I thought it was spotting but then I broke out really bad.

Also limit high estrogen foods which will make the bleeding heavier such as soy.

Ginger can also make it heavier since it doesn't promote clotting even though it's an antiflamatory.


Mushrooms also prevent endo from making testeosetone into estrogen from what I've read.

Hope these help, I'm still trying to figure things out myself.


I adore mushrooms but my boyfriend hates them he will have to make do and they'll make a return to the shopping list.

I'm definitely looking in to diet side of things - thanks for your suggestions.

My concern with ginger though is that I clot bad as it is already, I mean id rather clot than bleed the amount i do but wondering if too much clotting may cause other issues?

Im so new to this diagnosis - can't get my head around what is and isn't good haha x


Ginger will make you bleed not clot, so it depends how your feeling.

Clots may also be painful when they go through your cervix.

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I can feel them pass which sounds gross to say - an awful gushing feeling. I will definitely consider it though - get my bloods back tomorrow to see if my anemia is back so will run it by the doctor too - thanks so much!! x


I feel them pass too as well as with the big ones it felt like someone punched me through the cervix.

Hopefully it's not back.

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Obviously it's not nice for people to suffer, but to hear I'm not alone in this and others have similar experiences has been a comfort. Thanks for writing to me x


I found transenamic acid (think that's correct spelling) helped reduce bleeding when I took it on heavy days. Was prescribed by Dr.

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I think i took a similar named acid tablet when I was younger.

I've literally just had my bloods done to see if my anemia is back before the docs prescribes anything!

Thanks so much x


Traxenamic acid, mefenamic acid and ibuprofen can all help to reduce bleeding but you have to start taking them a few days before you period starts and make sure you're taking a full dose for those days. TBH I personally never found it made much difference :/ but then my bleeding at it's worst is so heavy that I have accidents. I did get some reduction in bleeding with cerazette - I had slightly lighter bleeding but it lasted longer overall.


I've tried cerazette and I bled every day. I'm on milinette and only bleed when I have a break but have been advised to have them more often to reduce breakthrough bleeding

Had so many accidents myself since last Tuesday, today is first day back on pill and I hope it is a quick cease.

I also have an adhesion which when nocked causes bleeding - they're thinking of layering this off if it doesn't go naturally in the next few months.

I may look at the other acid you have suggested, didnt realise about taking it a few days prior - that might be where I have gone wrong previously!


I suffer from clots too - have you tried Tranexamic acid and Mefanamic acid?

These worked brilliantly for me for a while although now starting to ot be as effective... but I would recommend asking your doctor for them x


Sorry for such a delay. Been quite the week.

I had mefanamic acid when I was younger. I'm to take folic acid and iron for 3 months first due to deficiencys is what the doc said.

I'm just not having any more breaks. As much as the gyno recommends it it drains everything out of me.

Thanks for sharing xoxo


I've been using a mooncup for the last few months and have found it a lot better than tampons for heavy bleeding. I was always wear a towel too just in case.

It's also a really useful way to monitor how much you are bleeding as there are markers on the side of it. This may be useful information for your gynaecologist.

Hope you find some relief soon!


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