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Anyone here quite up on their fitness? I'm trying to work towards the body I want but I always seem to have a round bloated stomach despite eating well and honestly not being in that much pain. I exercise a little, working out strenuously once a week and a little every day, and my job is very physical. It's really getting me down that I never seem to see any gain and I'm wondering if it's a genuine thing or if I'm just making an excuse as to not having the body I want x

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Have you tried swimming? It has literally been my savior during the past few years. Not only is it amazing at relieving pains its also amazing at toning all your body. It works all parts of your body at once without feeling like you are even doing that much exercise! It really helps to tone up your stomach and i have found it reduces my stomach swelling.

I cant think of a negative too it, i find it so relaxing and therapeutic- i would really recommend it! It's not for everybody but give it a go.

I currently do 1 mile which takes an hour, around 3 times a week and its the only exercise i really need to do to keep in shape!!

Hope you are feeling better within yourself soon! xx


I can't swim! Which is pretty embarrassing for a 20 year old and though I love the water, I have literally 0 time, which is why I only do a light workout from home haha, I would probably join the gym if I had the time and money though I feel like this is becoming a deep issue for me and don't really want to 'feed' it as such. I have a fitbit and do about 12,000 steps a day, which is about 5 miles. I don't want my stomach to be completely flat but it's really demoralising to put in a fair bit of work and not see any difference :(

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Ah I see, bless you lovely! Like I said it's not for everyone but it's the only advice I have because I'm too lazy to do any other exercise!😆😁 It is really tough to constantly work hard for a flatter stomach and never be able to have one from bloated I know exactly how you feel! Stick to home work outs. They can be really effective if you get a good one! I tried the insanity DVD a while ago and it worked wonders, I still bloated but felt a lot trimmer! Sorry you're struggling so much Hun! I'm 21 and I know how crap it is to be at an age where your body appearance gets you down a lot. Hope you find something that works for you xx


Thank you for the advice and kind words, really appreciated buddy :) xx


Bloating is often caused by pelvic floor dysfunction, the problem with endo is that pelvic floor dysfunction is sure to develop and it can make working out more difficult since core work strengthens it when it's to strong and therefore makes it more tense as well as pain worse.

Start with yoga, don't do Pilates.

You could try dance but try not to focus on too much core building, I can still go en pointe regardless of not dancing for a year now.

I'm 17, and I also find that physiotherapy tape applied like this really helps with bloating


Just wondering why you are saying not to do pilates? And where did you get the information on your comment of bloating and pelvic floor dysfunction? 🙂


Form my physiotherapists.

Pelvic floor dysfunction with endometriosis is often caused by an overactive pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is like a trampoline, with an overactive pelvic floor it's stuck in the trampoline like a 'reactionary' force position all the time. (When you jump up the trampoline pushes back and the centre goes up, I'll explain some of this using physics theory too)

Eventually these muscles get stuck in that position and have no where to go so in response they 'push' out.

Now Pilates is bad for this pelvic floor since it is harder or work as a reactionary force all the time then it is to work as an applied force. What I mean by harder is it requires more effort and work which results in very strong tensed up muscles that have no idea how to relax since their so used to being in that tensed state.

When a person does Pilates they work on their core, the core is connected and also the pelvic floor, by working on these already tensed muscles you tesne them up more or apply more tension.

Kelplers laws state that an object can only have force applied to it before it can no longer revert back to its original shape. This is elasticity.

The pelvic floor is full of muscles they are elastic. However if you pull too much on elastic it snaps. If you apply to much tension to a trampoline what does it do? Snap! Just like an overactive pelvic floor.

Once it snaps the centre of the trampoline falls to the ground and that what your pelvic floor can do to, this is called a prolapse.


I have vaginismus and a messed up pelvic floor which probably doesn't help, though at this point the bloating seems to be natural from eating through the day, just lots of it! Also was told my poop is causing a lot of it as I'm pretty scrawny, so maybe that's just the way it has to be 😶


I'm 10 pounds underweight for my height and my bloating has to do with my muscles.

Although if it is due to food try to eat more fruits and veggies since that could be constipation.


Yeah it varies between constipation I think, though today I've been ill so I've ate loads but not moved and there is no bloating at all, so also think it could be from a lot of movement as I move a lot for my job!


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