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Sigmoidoscopy Survived

Well it's the 21st January and I survived my dreaded second attempt at having asigmoidoscopy and rectal exam just about in one emotional piece! Funny how this smaller procedure was so much harder than the lap.

I started a new job and it was my first full week back in work so ive found it tough going and have been off the scale anxious about it all .But it did at least stop me from focussing on the procedure today too much. In fact I even forgot the blood test appointment for woke up at midnight Wednesday in a panic remembering and had to book a mad taxi dash in my work lunch break to get it done in time.

I didn't sleep well as the nerves kicked in yesterday big time. When I got to the place I suddenly realised that bowel prep (enema) also meant interference in the trauma location for me and panicked. What an idiot for not realising sooner! The nurse initially got cross with me as she didn't realise my delayed responses and frowny face was proper fear paralysis mode. But after hubby was sent from the from I managed to tell her it was a trauma issue for for a particular reason and she got out why and was then lovely. I did break down a bit and she just sat beside me and gave me a hug and reassurance.

The insertion was still distressing and hard to bear emotionally but she did it incredibly swiftly and the worst was then over, the rest was just physically unpleasant.

Mad egomaniac surgeon swung by briefly and had to ask me to remind him what he was meant to be doing. I wonder if he knew and secretly enjoys unsettling patients for fun.

The GA went much more smoothly this time so was a great solution for the rest of the exam. I'd never have coped and gotten through given the distress I had with just the enema experience.

So very very glad it's over!

I was left a photo in a kidney bowl to look at when I woke up, which was bizarre and hubby and I both found quite amusing.

It was positive news and I was told when I came round that at least as far as the sigmoidoscopy reaches my bowel came back clear of Endo and most importantly Dave the nodule hasn't infiltrated all the way through the wall lining from the other side, which from the sounds of it may give me more surgical options or better odds of needing less radical options in surgery.

Next step 2 will be follow ups. One with each surgeon then I will finally know where I stand about this second bowel op. Gulp!

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well done. x.

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