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Dressings and bathing

I had my laparoscopy done on Tuesday. The nurses said to try and take my dressings of today however I have a condition that effects my coordination so I was going to wait till Monday to have a dr take them off. Will this effect my recovery leaving my dressings on for a few more days. Also would my stitches need any bathing with or without the dressing?

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After both of my laps I was advised to remove my dressings the following day when having a shower. I was told to then make sure that the water from the shower cleaned them each day but not specifically to clean the area or bathe the stitches, just to let the water from the shower clean them.



You shouldn't get the stitches wet for at least 48 hours and definitely not in a bath (with the germs the water may contain) or with the dressings on for the same reason. As long as there are no signs of infection (pain, throbbing, temperature or puss through the dressing) then leaving it should cause no problem, but do you have anyone who could perhaps take the dressings off for you, with washed hands of course.


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I had water proof dressings and was told 5-7 days. I went back to the hospital and they changed mine for me halfway through as there was seepage, but had them on the whole 7 days.

Could you see a nurse at your GP?


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