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Is there anyone here going through endometriosis and had successful IVF?

well, i was diagnosed of having ovarian cyst while i was young but the doctor kept saying it's nothing to worry about until i got married and four years down the line, i couldn't get pregnant. June, 2016 i had surgery to remove some few fibroid and flush out the endometriosis. i was placed on 3 months of zoladex to halt my menstrual period. i couldn't take the 3rd injection of zoladex cos job took me out of town that period. when i returned, we decided to go for IVF immediately, October 2016 we started the journey of IVF and they discovered the endometriosis is back again with full force, had ovarian cyst drainage that same October and was hoping we could kick off with the IVF treatment, after 3 weeks on busereline the discovered the endometriosis is back again, then the doctor advised we use a donor's egg or use zoladex again for 3 months.

Well, we decided to opt for the donor's egg.

now we've started the treatment and i went for the first scan on Tuesday to commence progynova(2mg 3X daily), the scan showed the endometriosis again and they got scared it might affect implantation.

further options were to drain again or go for surrogacy.

who else is or had been in this situation and any iota of hope if i go ahead even after drainage? this is a lot financially and emotional draining hubby and i.

i am also hoping we could get some herbal treatment that could dry the cyst up in 2 weeks before the ET.


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Hi, I also have stage 4 endometriosis. It was everywhere, bowel and bladder in particular and I've also been bothered with cysts on ovaries. We started ivf 4 and a bit years ago.... it's been a long journey. Ended up with donor eggs also as they could never gain access to any follicles that had grown due to my ovaries being 'stuck down' with the endometriosis.

Our first 2 ivfs were unsuccessful and I always believe it was because the transfers were awful (also because of the endo). I needed further excision of endo following both of these as it had returned so agressively (prob due to the drugs you have to go on for ivf). My final surgery was in summer of 2015 where they removed my left ovary and part of my bladder. It was extensive but it helped.. I had to make changes to my diet and drag myself out to do more exercise too.

Had 2 further failed ivfs following this but have just gotten our bfp at end of last year (new donor egg also). So it's taken a long time and lots of trial and error but it can work! Endo can still be seen on my bowel so it has retuned since my procedure.

Try and get the endo under control (as much as this possible!) and get yourself mentally ready for a journey that is not always an easy one. But it will hopefully be worth it xx

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