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Prostap stopped after 14 months - offered Esmya until TAH BSO surgery

Hi there,

I'm diagnised with stage IV Endo, Adeno, x2 large Fibroids and x1 Uterine polyp. I've been having Prostap injections for the past 14 months but my gynae surgeon has now stopped these due to a deterioration in ky kideny functioning (now stage 3 CKD) - not sure whether the Prostap has caused this or whether the Endo has invaded my Ureters. U/S of Kidneys tomorrow & awaiting results from a whole batch of recent blood tests. My gynae surgeon has recommended Esmya and my GP has prescribed it but am I correct in my understanding that I need to allow myself to have 2 periods (I;ve not had one for 14 months!) and then start the Esmya within 7 days of my 2nd period finishing?

I've also been using bio-idential add-back hormones whilst having the Prostap injections (Estradiol gel, Testogel & Progesterone pessaries) - should I now stop using any or all of these? On Monday I'm 4 weeks without Prostap so it's still early days with it working it's way out of my system... & I am experiencing alot of lower back pain, some discomfort in my Uterus and right ovary area (after no swelling & no pain for 14 months), waking suddenly every 45-60 minutes through the night due to palpitations, hot rushes and an urgent need to wee... & I'm exhausted! I haven't been using any of my add-back bio-identicals for the past 2-3 weeks and given that it's not quite 4 weeks yet without Prostap should I be still using them?

I'm also wondering how the action of Esmya is different to the action of Prostap... does anybody know?

All info gratefully received and appreciated :-)


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