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Just been diagnosed!


I'm new here and I'm only just learning about endometriosis. I'm 26 and I've been suffering with severe pain, heavy or no periods at all, fatigue, sickness and dizziness for around 8 years now. The doctors did some scans a few years ago and diagnosed PCO and said all my symptoms were down to this. However a new doctor referred me ro gynaecology and they arranged a laparoscopy which I had 2 days ago and after the surgery I was told by the consultant that I have endometriosis on my uterus however it is too high risk to perform the laser/heat on it and he couldn't remove any of it. He didn't go into much detail and I was still coming round from the operation. He did say I would receive a letter for an appointment to see him to discuss my options. Now I've started to recover and get back to myself I'm worried about what this will mean as I've read a lot of people have had to have full hysterectomy in this situation. I now have heavy bleeding which I haven't had a period properly for over 5 years and this is causing a lot of discomfort. Is this normal to have the bleeding straight after the laparoscopy? I'm now on Nefopam and Tramadol to treat the severe pain on my uterus which leaves me feeling extremely tired every day and no other pain killers take the pain away. I'm just feeling a bit lost and confused with it all, as I'm 26 years old and I feel like I'm losing who I am and I will not be able to give my partner children.


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