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Unofficially diagnosed considering laparoscopy

Hi, I read an article about endometriosis and felt myself getting very teary as I related to the personal stories and symptoms a lot. Since my first year of having a period I've been having problems - excruciating pain and humiliatingly heavy periods. During my first year of uni my pain became so bad I started throwing up and then passed out. I woke to find my flatmates had called an ambulance. I was too embarrassed to say I was on my period and was told I'd wasted NHS money. I also became very depressed every month making it difficult to study or socialise. I've been on the pill for years and only taken a few months break a couple of times. After 2 years on the mini pill (a life saver) it stopped working for me so I decided to come off it to give my body a break. After a month I started experiencing IBS symptoms, then terrible migraines and OLD. I lasted 5 months before I was curled up on the floor covered in sweat unable to move because of the pain in my abdomen, back and thighs. Since being back in the pill I feel so much happier and full of energy. I'm considering the laparoscopy but not sure if it's worth it and would love some feedback or advice.

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It would be worthwhile to have a proper diagnosis and you could have excision surgery at the time of your lap to help ease your symptoms hopefully. I've had 2 laps now and don't regret either. My only regret is not having the Mirena inserted during the first one because that might have prevented the need for the second one but you live and learn :)

It would be best to be referred to a BSGE specialist centre. Their website has details of each centre. X

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Thank you! I will go on the website and look for a centre near me. Its good read positive responses about the procedure :)


i think you should go for the Op. Its only a short and minimal risk operation but you will benefit so much from having proper answers as to what is causing your pain.

Its no decent quality of life to live with horrible symptoms like that. Your symptoms sound similar to mine, similar to those of endo so you should definetley find out either way. You know your body best. :)

Take care x

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