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Hi there...first time posting

First of all hi!! I was just after a little advice from ladies who know what I may be experiencing? I had my 2nd lap + dye test on 22nd Dec to treat endo and adhesions. Now they took a preg test just before which was negative, procedure went ahead but it has taken me ages to recover and last week started feeling horrendous nausea/tiredness etc. After a lightbulb moment 2 nights ago, turns out I'm pregnant after taking 2x tests. We have not had intercourse since my op due to tiredness, sickness etc. I called my local CMU to explain everything and I'm going for a scan at 9.30 tomo morn, I'm terrified and making myself so sick over the possible implications of all this. How did the dye test not wash everything away?? Will baby be ok?? I'm trying to stay calm but I am freaking out. Any similar stories?? I'm so confused and bewildered right now 😰

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