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MRI Scan ?????? Help


Hi I have been diagnosed with endometriosis for 10 years and have tried pretty much every treatment going I have been off work since last february with a huge flare up. Within that time I've been hospitalised 3 times and sent home with drugs I'm now on Pregablin Naproxen MST and Oramorph. I had a scan last March and they found a fibroid so they decided to get me to trial a drug which is for reducing fibroids which in trials it also reduced endometriosis. I had this drug for 3 months when they scanned me the Fibroid had doubled in size and no reduction of endo. I was asked to see my consultant who decided that i needed to have an urgent hysterectomy. which I'm still waiting for since September. As I had no news I decided to request a scan as I was getting worried that the fibroid was growing. The scan has now shown that the fibroid has grown and I've now got a mass on my right ovary which is a complete surprise I now am waiting for an MRI which I am really worried about because I think it may be Cancer. Sorry its such a long post but has anybody had an MRI scan and what is it like ???

P.S I also suffer with Anxiety lol

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I had a MRI done a few months ago and it is fine. There is nothing to worry about having the scan done. The machine is a bit noisey it makes a clicking whirling sound. I had a plate put on my belly which is a bit weighty but it is not heavy enough to be uncomfortable. I went into the tunnel feet first with my arms up next to my ears and my head was just inside the tunnel. My scan lasted about 45 minute's. It really isn't that bad yes it is a little bit intimidating but just relax and don't forget to lay as still as you can as movement can make the imaged blurry. Just make sure you tell the nurse/doctor your concerns when you get there, they will always help you and explain what is going to happen and make you feel more at ease. I always find if I know exactly what is going to happen it always make's things a bit easier to cope with.

Hope this helps a bit. X

Bettyboo76 in reply to Red_Crumb

Yes thanks that was helpful Ive had the date a week Wednesday.

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