How long for MRI scan results?

just wondering if anybody has had a MRI scan, I had mine last Monday. I'm getting really upset now. I know there is something because my ultrasound scan showed something up. I know they say if it's urgent, they will speed things up but to keep someone waiting who has been waiting almost 2 years for a diagnosis is just not fair. Don't know what to do.

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  • I would get in contact with whoever referred you for the MRI? I seem to think mine was a couple of weeks to come through as they have to be written up, unlike ultrasounds which were straight away.

  • it's my consultant but I don't think I can directly contact him due to it being fast tracked.

  • Perhaps try his secretary though? Good luck!

  • I had mine 3 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for the results :(

  • ring them Jodie. I have just rang them and they had my results since Monday. Even though I have a lump that was seen on the ultrasound scan. Apparently there is nothing wrong with me. I have an appointment with doctor in an hour, who will be getting a whole loads of questions pointed her way. They have always said the laposcrapy is the only way to find Endo. I'm at the end of my tether. Yes it's great but what about the lump?

  • Endometreosis dosnt always show up on a MRI so results are always inconclusive, good luck

  • my doctor requested another appointment with gynaecologist so that he can investigate the pain. Basically by the sounds of it, it was a fibroid but it wasn't what would be causing the pain, my doctor has prescribed me pain relief and now have to wait for a gynaecologist to get back in touch. It's very worrying considering they got my age wrong by 10 years

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