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Hi all, anyone here has been treated at the [edited to remove named specific details to comply with our code of conduct] hospital Endometriosis? My fertility doctor has recommended this hospital(she told me they are really good). What is the waiting time after you have been referred from your GP?

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I am being seen there at the moment. Was referred back in May by general gynae after a diagnostic lap. Had a scan in June, saw the doc at the end of July, and had a first surgery (exploratory lap) in November. This was a 16 week wait from seeing the doc to having the surgery. I'm having a second surgery with them in March - this will be a major surgery (hysterectomy with excision from bowel/bladder) as sadly my disease is very advanced and I am really at the end of the road with it. I will have waited 18 weeks for this surgery. It is unfortunately a long wait :/ but having had surgery in general gynae and with the specialists there I can honestly say it is worth it.

Wishing you the best with your treatment.

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Hi joreilly, thank you for the reply. I will be going to my GP to get the referral done asap. I hope by June/July I will be on the list for surgery. I have been diagnosed with severe endometriosis July 2015. And I was referred for IVF and I did my first cycle of IVF in December. My fist cycle failed. They couldn't reached my left ovary as it is stuck at the back of uterus and my bladder and intestine are in the way. So my fertility doctor as advised me to have surgery unstuck the left ovary and hopefully they will remove some the endometriosis.


I've just been referred there as an urgent case through my gp..really hoping the wait isn't too long


I'm not sure I follow completely, do you mean that you have treated your endo without surgery or medication?


Hi, i am being treated there, have an appt this thurs. It did take 18 weeks for me to be seen there and it was by a general gynea first then he sent me into the endo specialist side, which was another 18 weeks. I know that sounds long but it had been worth the wait.

I am not suren what the surgery wait time is but will know on thurs as it is looking like i will need some more myself, my bowel is stuck to my uterus, left ovary is buried and pod all stuck, might be worse now as its a yr since my last ultrasound.

Good luck x


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