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Bottom pain anyone?

Sorry if tmi but the past week i am having the worst shooting pains up my bottom! it just feels like there is so much pressure there when lying or sitting then get jolts of stabbing pain up it and also very painful/achy lower back? is this normally endo related? not had it this bad before also having a lot of pain when trying to go the toilet which I'm needing to go more often! again so sorry for tmi!! xx

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yes its! i also have that....

you may have endo on your colon....I do and I know this pain very well x


Hi amy-28,

I swear when I get different pains I think i'm the only one, but clearly not! You hit the nail on the head there with your description of the pain - it is literally, up the bottom! I don't get it all the time but have had it a few times & am awaiting diagnosis of endo or not. I also get very bad lower back pain especially coming up to period time. I guess it's all related?


It might be due to pelvic floor dysfunction brought on by endo, it's pretty common since when you're in pain you tense up and that results in your pelvic floor kegeling. Eventually these muscles become over worked and too tight, once I did physiotherapy my bottom pain cleared up and it does start every once in a while.

This exercise really helps, but at first when you sit on the ball it will feel uncomfortable and a little sore. But you'll feel yourself relax around it which stretches the superficial muscles.


I get this pain daily now since June 2014 .I have endo on my bowel .I had surgery in 2007 .I now have a bowel prolapse and problems with severe pain every time I go to the toilet .this is my first time online .I need help .as doctors think it's all in my head .I no it's not .I also have no kids because of this .


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