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Im due to have my first ever op the beginning of next year due to constant raised ca125, I think im having it quite quick as I have health issues... My gyno said he thinks i might just have endometrosis as it runs in my family (my mum had hysterectomy, my cousin has this very bad and so does my sister there just treating hers with the pill no op)

Im quite nervous as i have never had an op before so i have no idea what to think of and how to prepare... Im also worried about the fertility part with endo as my other health issues put me at a huge risk of having a misscarrage, stillborn or even me dying so my gyno has already said i will be on a high risk ward if i do ever fall pregnant. He has told me to start having a family now but me or my partner dont want to rush in as how sick i am, I am still quite young too only 21.

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Try not to worry. They should send you a letter with all details of what to expect, what to take with you, whether you need to do any prep before hand etc. If not, give them a ring, or you GP.

I realise it's all very fraught and scary, but it is good that they are taking action, and whatever happens it's best to have it all properly checked out. I'm having a colonoscopy at about the same time, so will think of you.

Good luck, and meanwhile, try to relax and enjoy yourself over Christmas and New Year: with all these things, it's always best to chill, and meanwhile coddle yourself, enjoy life and do things you love. Stress-boosting is one of the best medicines, so try not to worry.

Take care.

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