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3 days post lap with successful endo removal

I am 22 years old and I have been suffering with severe symptoms of endo since October 2015, and on friday (16th Dec) I had my first ever anaesthetic/operation to diagnose and treat. Sometimes I almost feel a little guilty about this - as I know so many women go undiagnosed and un-listened to for years and years. But you will not believe the relief I have had when the doctor told me that I had endometriosis and they had successfully removed it all via diathermy.

After over a year of feeling like no-one believed me, or that I was making it up and that it was all in my head, I was told the op would be 15 minutes long and that they didn't really expect to find endo - if anything at all.

I was then wheeled down to the prep room, had an IV placed whilst holding an oxygen mask to my face.. and within seconds I felt everything go into a blur.

2 hours later I woke up in the recovery ward in the most horrendous pain, with an oxygen mask on and hooked up to ECG machines. A male recovery nurse stood by my side the whole time administering me fentanyl through my IV until I was more comfortable, and he re-assured me. I was then moved up to the ward 30 minutes after I had woken up where my worried mum and partner were waiting anxiously as I had been gone a lot longer than the estimated 15 minutes!

Upon recovery I felt so nauseous, I was given anti-sickness medication which I then still vomited not much later. A nurse rushed over and administered more anti-sickness through my IV which stung a lot and made me feel very dizzy, and also gave me codeine to take. I was on and off sleeping for the whole afternoon. As it was day surgery - I was told that I'd be allowed to go home 2 hours after waking up.... 6 hours later I was discharged.

I was only allowed home once I had urinated and eaten something. Unfortunatley my blood pressure was too low for them to even let me out of bed to urinate so I ate some toast and eventually had the strength to go to the bathroom - a tiny tiny tiny trickle of urine later I was on my way home!

The doctor came by and told me that they had found grade 1 endometriosis attached to my uterosacral ligament of my uterus, and also in the pouch of douglas located near the bowel - which explains the IBS symptoms. They said that my uterus, ovaries and cervix all look normal, which I am over the moon with as my biggest fear has been infertility.

Day 3 post op - I have managed to walk downstairs this morning - hooray!!

I have been prescribed co-codamol and ibuprofen which is helping a lot, I have vomited every day (apart from today fingers crossed) since the op. In my head I still dont feel 100% with it, but i guess that's all of the drugs and anaesthetic wear off? The wounds hurt - I am wearing my boyfriends pj bottoms so they are looser. My shoulders have been very stiff and sore from the gas, but this seems to be wearing off also.

I didn't bleed much the day of the op, or saturday. But yesterday and today it seems like a heavy period - not much clots through which is good i guess.

Just taking every day as it comes, I didn't realise how slowly the recovery would be, but I suppose I also didn't know what would happen during the op either.

I still feel slightly nauseous, and extremely tired. I am a vet nurse so i'm not going to rush back to work too quickly as it isn't a sit down job!

Thank you so much if you have stuck by and continued to read my lengthy rant! I just really felt the need to tell my story as I can't really believe that, hopefully, it is now all over!

Nat x

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Glad your operation went well. Take it easy. You will feel improvements in stages. I would probably take two weeks off to recover.

All the best

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Thank you for your reply :) in the discharge I wasn't given a doctors note or an estimated time to rest etc so my work are just playing it by ear at the moment. I have quite a hectic job (vet nurse) and I'm supposed to be on call on Boxing Day and then back to work on the 28th... work have allowed and expected me not to be in before Boxing Day but at this rate I don't think I'll be able to be on call or back on the 28th :( my consultant is calling me tomorrow as she didn't get chance to come and talk to me after she did the surgery so I may get a doctors note then to sign me off. I'm one of those silly people who hates letting work down even after I've had an op!! X


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