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Endometriosis advice

I need some advice.

I've seen the gyne once so far and they've prescribed me to take norethisterone for 4 months and see how i go until April which is my next appointment. If these tablets don't work the next step is to have an op to see for definite that it is endometriosis.

Has anyone found that norethisterone has helped or am i just taking a tablet for no reason and putting up with these side effects?

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I've had norethisterone - I took it for 5 weeks before I had a massive pain flare and I was taken off it and put on cerazette instead. The endo specialist gynae that gave me the cerazette was quite surprised that norethisterone had been prescribed and said that it's generally considered quite an old fashioned drug for endo and isn't suitable for long term use because it causes depression. Usually it's only taken short term to delay a period if you're going on holiday or something like that.

Even if you get pain relief from the norethisterone you still need surgery for a definitive diagnosis of endometriosis.


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