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really bad pain

hi I have been having really bad abdominal and back pain and me and my mum think its endo and the doctors aren't to sure they said they think it might be but have been going through everthing it could be. I am going for a laproscopy next year,i have tried nearly everything to ease the pain but not much is working so I was just wondering if anyone new anything that might help me with my pain until the laproscopy thank you x

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Sorry you are in so much pain, it's really not a good position to be in. Hopefully your lap is in early 2017 so you don't have to wait to much longer.

Have you tried an electric heat pad. You can buy them online for about £30:00 and you can control the temperature. I found it was the only thing that made it possible to get through the day. That and codeine based painkillers which are not good to take on a long term basis. Try heat on your lower back and lower abdomen and see if you find it helps. Hot water bottles I found were too hot and then were perfect for a few minutes and then too cold. You need a nice temperature for about 30 minutes to really feel the benefit and that's why the electric heat pad works so well.

Also after your lap you will experience an ache in your shoulders from the gas they pump into your abdomen which is really annoying and uncomfortable. The heat pad will help that too if you lay with it behind you shoulders and neck. Just a tip after two laps in a year.

I really hope this helps you cope with the pain until your lap and that the surgery goes well and they find what's causing your pain.

Nicki x


I too found the. Electric pad really good. Be careful with the codeine as they are addictive and after a time can exacerbate the pain. For a short while they can work well.

Take care you. X


thank you so much I will try everthing and thank you so much for advice xx


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