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Why is it always worse than I thought?


Had a follow up call from my BSGE centre this morning to see how I'm doing after my lap (which was 3 weeks ago). The nurse went through my notes, but not in too much detail (she got as far as 'bowel resection needed' and then stopped and said it would probably be a good idea for me to have a clinic appointment to discuss it properly. Erm, you think???)

She did however say that not all the endo had been removed from my bladder during the lap - I knew they had removed some because the consultant came to see me in recovery and told me they'd excised a lesion from the dome of the bladder. Apparently some was left behind because it wasn't known prior to this lap that I had bladder endo so I hadn't consented for a cystoscopy which meant that they couldn't remove it all.

I honestly, just once, would like to have an appointment where I don't find out that I have lesions somewhere I didn't know I had them. Every conversation I have with a doctor, I find out that it's a little bit worse than I thought and it's very wearing. I hate this stupid disease.

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