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Decapeptyl injections year and a bit after total hysterectomy (leaving one ovary)

The worst thing I have ever done 😥Was take the monthly injections of decapeptyl for 3 months!!! They have turned me upside down and inside out. Never again........omg I never knew how much your ovaries run your life. I feel as if I'm in a bubble. I think if i was to go back in time I would suffer the pain I had before the 2 laparoscopies for endometriosis followed by hysterectomy. Complete waste of time and still suffering prob worse now than before. At least before i knew what part of my cycle I was on. Now I don't have a clue!! I think it's best maybe to let nature run its course. Only if u can. All these artificial drugs do no good. But we think they will help and go by advice we get. Who knows. What works for one person might not for another.

It's a constant struggle. I do sympathise. But it ain't going to beat me I will fight against it. Well........I'll keep trying 👍

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Hysterectomy is not a cure for endo and neither are these injections. It sounds like you have severe endo being neglected - have you not been referred to a specialist centre. Are you in the UK?


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