Leaving the cervix after hysterectomy????

I am on the waiting list now for a hysterectomy laparoscopically taking out any endo at same time by bsge surgeon leaving ovaries but taking out tubes. In my appointment I forgot to ask about cervix I asked at the pre op screening and she said I would be able to choose probably so a bit vague , said it was better to have it removed so I don't have to have smears, although they are uncomfortable at the moment they not a big deal and would rather keep as much of me as I can as think . Has anyone got any advice on the pro and cons or experience of keeping or not keeping, cheers

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I'm having a hysterectomy and endo excision with a BSGE surgeon as well. I have stage 4 endo and adeno. The only thing I'm keeping is my ovaries due to my age. I asked about why my cervix is being removed and I was told that there can be tiny endo cells in the cervix and for the best possible outcome to be symptom free for the future it's best to remove it. This disease is ruining my life and making me so ill, I want everything gone to reduce the risk of endo returning.

Ah I see Ithankpu for your reply , I have only superficial endo which was removed in April and biopsies taken which showed adenomyosis . I have got worse since then so it seems it's the adenomyosis that is causing the issues for me and maybe the scarring on m rectum where the endo was cut from. I understand now why they may take it out.

Sorry to hear you so ill as well how long have you to wait for your hysterectomy ?

My hysterectomy is on the 15th October, 4 weeks today, so not much longer.

Hi. I had my hysterectomy and BSO scheduled due to chronic pelvic pain (no diagnosis). The doctor I saw commented that, as I found Zoladex so helpful, that there was probably something wrong with my womb lining and that she expected that they would find adenomyosis. As the cervix contains some womb lining, she suggested that leaving it may cause me to have problems post surgery. Also - it is much more complicated to remove a cervix separately. I had my cervix removed. Just as well as I had Stage 4 endometriosis, adenomyosis and am on oestrogen only HRT. And yes - no more painful smears!!!

Good luck with your decision.


Oh ok, I see I think I'm going to be best having it taken out but will maybe ask surgeon on day of op and see what they suggest too thankyou for your reply hope you have a good weekend .

There are several sets of ligaments that hold the uterus in the pelvis. Two of these are the uterosacral ligaments that join the cervix and to the sacrum. So they hold up the vagina. Once the cervix is removed the uterosacral ligaments have to be cut and rejoined to the top of the vaginal vault in order to support the vagina. If having the cervix removed you may wish to discuss this with your surgeon.

How common is it that people have the cervix left if having the uterus removed because of adenomyosis do you know does it make the operation more complicated too ? it's mostly bowel and bladder symptoms that I get, my periods are heavy but bearable I get my bladder and bowel symptoms all month and all the time getting slightly worse that's my main problem and pain , I had small amounts of endo which were removed in April but surgeon said my main problem was swollen sore uterus pushing on bowel and bladder that's why I'm going for the hysterectomy rather than hormone treatment and I'm 41. Have also read there less likely to be damage to bowel if cervix left in and less vagina shortening or scarring, so would the rejoin the ligaments to the cervix if they leave that ? Sorry if these are stupid questions but I'm trying to research it as much as possible before making the descision , but a lot of website seem to have conflicting views but if my cervix is healthy I'm thinking it may be better left 😬😬 Thankyou for your help and info 💗

Not stupid at all - you are very wise to be wanting to know what is involved. It will be best to discuss in detail with the surgeon but my instinct would be that it might depend on whether you have adhesions in the pouch of douglas attaching the bowel to the cervix in which they would have to be separated to leave the cervix in. The uterosacral ligaments run either side of the POD so it may also depend on whether you have endo in the ligaments. But if your cervix and the ligaments are unaffected then they would already be joined to the cervix supporting the vagina and my personal view is that it would probably be best to leave that anatomy in tact. Prolapse of the vagina and bowel are risk factors after hysterectomy in all women. But this is only my opinion and as I say it must be a considered decision between you and your surgeon. We aren't able to discuss surgeons on here but I have a facebook group where we can do so if you would like to join:


I don't have Facebook am happy with my surgeon I think so will discuss with her before op Thankyou so much for your helpful info to make sure I ask for the correct thing and understand what I asking for , It very difficult to understand from 2d pictures how it all works I think I need to grit my teeth and watch some you tube videos too , I also have Lyme disease so stuff takes forever to heal and am a lot more sensitive than I have ever been I used to be very sturdy 😳 I have had endo removed from left ligament but was superficial endo nodule and I had no adhesions seen in my first lap this last April so am hoping the endo removal part of my lap worked and it just adenomyosis and the scar tissue on my rectum from another superficial endo nodule removed that is the causing the problems now.

I suppose I just make my wishes known and see what the options are depending on what is seen when they open me up . Going to be a longish wait anyway 😳 Thanks again for your reply with useful info , have a great weekend 💗

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