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I felt that my IBS has gone worse with endo. I can hardly keep anything down for less then 3 hours. I miss meals because most days I'm not hungry and I'm already underweight 😟. Never thought I would get endo I'm always in pain, hot water bottle is my best friend even in summer 😑.

Iv been told having surgery to remove my endo is too risky due to other health complications because I have heart disease too. I don't have any children, I'm premenopausal and doing everything now to have my own child 😢 That's all I want, my own baby.

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Hi shaz, I'm sorry to hear this. I myself have gone through ivf and don't think it's worked as I'm spotting before my test date :( but what you said has been happening to me since yesterday. Every time I eat I have to rush to the loo. I hate it and hate what endometriosis has done to my insides, and my egg quality. I'm only 29 and my egg quality is low. I feel depressed all I want is a baby. Iv had two failed IUI treatments and thought ivf would work.


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