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Ibs or endo?


Hi I went to see another doctor last week, (still no gyne consultation) but they suggested I could be suffering with IBS. Because I mentioned my pain is more to the left of my stomach. I've never suffered with issues with eating food or toilet issues. But wondering if anyone else has had the same diagnosis.

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Hi, I think lots of us have IBS as well as endo. The thing is that the term IBS simply describes a collection of symptoms (that's all a syndrome is), so getting that diagnosis tells you nothing about what is causing them. One possible cause of IBS is endo. So I can't see how calling it IBS really helps much. If you have symptoms which are indicative of endo, you should still be investigated for it.

Hey Hayley, I was told I had ibs for years before actually get diagnosed with endo!

Was fine in my teen years then when I hit 20 all the awful symptoms appeared! I would go back to the doctors explain that you are worried and it's causing a lot of stress on your life. Do you have any ovarian pain or do any symptoms get worst around your period?

It's quite hard to diagnose even when nothing comes up on a scan you can very much have endo. So keep being pushy towards them. Once you find out then you can go from there otherwise your just constantly second guessing yourself ❤️

Hey, I get random twinges around ovulation to the point painkillers don't work and my symptoms flare up and get worse around my period.

Is that like a main sign of endo or suggest it?

I was told I had IBS. I didn't. I had rectovaginal and extensive bowel endo and the RV nodule in particular was very large and pressing into the bowel, which caused chronic constipation. It is really, really common to be told you've got IBS but TBH all a diagnosis of IBS means is that you've got bowel symptoms and the GP doesn't know why. Even if they've told you it is IBS they should be trying to help you find ways to deal with it - help with diet, buscopan for bowel cramping, laxatives etc and not just leaving you to your own devices. If you have any rectal bleeding then you should also be referred to gastro.

Thanks for the reply! I do have ovarian pain, as I am on the pill, and have been only to take a 3 day break between courses, I haven't really had a period for about 2 years. But suffered with very painful periods in the past. And passing large pieces of skin whilst on my period (sorry for being graphic) that's why all my docs have pointed to endo (plus something 'fluid' showing on my ultrasound) . But one doctor said it's either endo or ibs. A bit of a shock as ibs has never been mentioned before and not something I ever considered!

Have they mentioned doing a diagnostic laporosocopy for you? I would say that would be the next step. It's the only thing that can diagnose endo properly and give you some answers you've been waiting for regarding all the pain ❤️

Yes it has been mentioned. It's just a waiting game at the moment and the pain is starting to become too much! I've been prescribed different painkillers but none seem to work!

I used to have wheat bags on me literally every day when I was at Home. These sometimes eased the pain. The more stress means the more pain so keep thinking positive thoughts ( so much easier to say then do) but just keep going back to the doctors tell them you can't carry on in this state. I think mine got so sick of seeing me they thought Jesus right I'll let her see the specialist. But if it's just a matter on a waiting game then just sit tight and hopefully they will give you more information on how long this will take to get you in etc soon ❤️❤️

Hi I suffered with massive stomach ache and had been told I have ibs linked to anxiety but it didnt clear up and I lost a stone in weight even now I get pain but I have a book called endometriosis a key to healing and fertility through nutrition it basically advise you to cut out gluten cut down on bovine dairy eat healther cutting out processed food and eating lots of veg taking multi vitamins and doing yoga is supposed to help too

Johanna1618 in reply to Abi_97

I had ibs which was linked to anxiety. I think the thing with the gut is, it is very sensitive, when people are stressed in can cause so many issues never mind if your suffering with anxiety. I would suggest getting your anxiety more to a point where you feel on a recovery path- try CBT that helped me. It's not gone but it's more just an acceptance of the mind which in turn did help with my stomach, however you also know when the pain is just there and it's not going. So I would asked to get your ovarys checked out. Don't be scared to say you've done research and your worried you have this. Sometimes we need to tell the doctors what we want the next step to be before something gets done. ❤️❤️

Abi_97 in reply to Johanna1618

Thank you for the advice but I did go to the therapy and it did help I do have blips where my stomach pain gets worse but I get pain when anxiety is not at fault like when I wake up or after I eat which then sometimes cause me anxiety but I overcome it I just need the initial pain to stop

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