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Laproscopy of hope with no Endo found!

Hi all - I am just recovering from my second laproscopy. I feel very down and alone in what has followed following the surgery. This was meant to give me my life back and hope of starting a family but I feel like I have gone back years. Probably easier if I give a bit of background. I had my first laproscopy in 2014 after being privately diagnosed with Endo. I had to fund my own treatment after constantly being fobbed off by NHS doctors until a wonderfull private consultant confirmed what I believed all those years and within one scan she had seen I was riddled with "chocolate spots". A laproscopy was booked in within a week and they found the Endo had also fused my bowel to my stomach wall explaining the IBS symptoms. Unfortunately 6 months within the op the pain gradually started to increase again down the left side. The last 12 months the pain has become unmanageable and I was put on the NHS waiting list for more surgery.

After waiting 9 months I had the surgery on Monday. The consultant explained to me when I came round that there wasn't any Endo there and if I asked for a laproscopy again he wud show me the door. I felt like bursting into tears. I had pinned so much hope on the removal of the Endo so my pain would go, waking up in the night wud be a thing of the past, the IBS problems would sustain and the left side back ache would ease a little but now I feel that I don't even know what I'm dealing with. the consultant even questioned who ever told me I had Endo in the first place! Only one of the top consultants in the country that's who!

I know my body and I know something in in there just I don't know why it didn't show on the Lapo. Constant back ache, the stabbing pain feels like a screw driver being twisted in my side, IBS problems and I didn't appreciate until today but I get so many nosebleeds - another symptom.

I am going back to my GP on Friday to ask what they suggest if I suddenly don't have Endo, what else can it be?!

I am also seeing the private consultant next week as I feel it's only her who I can trust to be thorough enough.

Really am heartbroken that all this waiting and hope of being fixed has come to nothing!

Do any of you ladies have symptoms of a negative laproscopy?

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Where you at a bsge centre? What the surgeon said is appalling. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. I'd actually be inclined to complain. You have already been diagnosed with endo. You should order the operative report once you're feeling an it stronger and see what parts he examined. Stay strong xx


No I haven't ever been told about those centres - I've only learnt about them by being on this message board today. I Think I will request to be referred to one and removed from the care of my current NHS consultant.He was annoyed at me as I wouldn't have the marina coil so I think that got his back up. I won't complain now as if I do have further investigation work done and they do find Endo, I will then seek legal advice about a negligence claim.

It's so sad to see so many other ladies in a similar boat to me! Thank you for replying to my post - forums like this make me feel less alone xxx

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Huge hugs xxx what a terrible experience. good luck with your bsge referral.


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