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Pain in legs

Hello all I've just joined this page hoping for some support as don't know anyone else with this. I am 34 was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries 8 years ago had fertility drugs and conceived my daughter. When she turned 2 & 1/2 we started trying again but periods not right, was bleeding with sex, lethargic and bad back. Had a lapro in April diagnosed severe endo probably need ivf to conceive. Also need to see bowel surgeon to remove further endo near/on bowel. I'm constantly lethargic and tired. Although more recently I'm suffering terrible pains to my legs anyone else get this? They throb and ache but nothing helps x

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Yep, I get throbbing pain in my legs around, before and during period time. Blessings for your trying again for a baby. I'm sure there are many, I found this story of infertility and IVF treatment really helpful. Starts about half way in



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