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Feeling down after yesterday's lap

So I had my 1st lap yesterday to see the extent of my endo and endometrioma removed however when I woke up I was told it was now to big to be taken out without taking my ovary out aswell and probably loosing my tube :( he also said he couldn't see my other tube as it was tucked under something??! Feeling so teary and down I was just a bit shocked and naively just hadn't really thought about loosing them so early?

Really don't know what to do with myself just keep crying at the thought of it

What was worrying tho is that I was there to have this cyst removed and when he was telling me I said oh so you couldn't take it out and he went oh you knew you had one?? I've just seen it. I have been back and forth forMonths and hospital admissions due to the cut so had he just not read any of my notes? xx

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I'm sorry to hear your experience. I just wondered if you are seeing an endo specialist at a BSGE centre who can offer you excision? If not, I would get a referral to one and have your recent lap results sent to them. I would get a second opinion with another consultant to make sure this is the best way forward especially as it looks like he hasn't read your notes. If you have more than one opinion saying the same thing you can then have more faith that it is what is best for you. I do think you need someone else to investigate what has happened with the other tube too. Ask them to send the pictures of your surgery across so they can look into this. Also, I have read that if you have one ovary removed, the other one can make up for this loss and still produce the same amount of hormones. I would research this. I hope it all works out for youx

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Thank you tulip7 I know the hospital I go to has a bsge centre but I don't think I am under that just still the general gyne department so I think I may ring up to see how I can have a chat with them first xx

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Yes I definitely would, I went to a general gynae for my first laparoscopy to remove an endometrioma and it didn't go well at all- I thought it was going to be keyhole and it turned into a major operation called a laparotomy as the cyst was so large (they did warn me beforehand but I thought it wasn't likely). They ablated the endometrioma which meant it grew back quickly. Since then, I have had laps at a BSGE centre for excision which were much better, I honestly think if I went to see them the first time I wouldn't have needed the major op. I would insist on seeing an endometriosis specialist, I have my fingers crossed for you. Please let me know how you get onx

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Hi there sorry to hear it has not gone all to plan and you are still in the same situation as was before it.

It could be they didn't remove it due to meaning the ovary and tube would need to come out too if they had not discussed a scenario like this with you before you had the op and you had already given consent or not to do this if it happened. So they were unable to act to remove it.

I had my 2nd Lap on 7th Nov inc removal of very large mass on right ovary, the right ovary to be removed and the tube. I was asked about my left ovary and plans to have children. My left is not in a good position or easy access and we have 2 embryo's frozen at an IVF centre. So the surgeons knew they could take the right ovary and tube. I was warned though it may result in both ovaries out and worst case total hysterectomy but would try best not to.

However, like you I came around and they could not do all wanted. The mass was so large and so attached to other organs inc bowel they could only remove 3/4 of it! They couldn't even find my right fallopian tube with the fluid in it due to how much a mess I am internally. They said it was too risky for them to have continued trying to separate adhesions and organs and would have been total hysterectomy, bowel disection and stoma. Also couldn't go ahead as didn't have the bowel surgeons there at the time. This was at a BSGE centre and the drs have been fab, understanding and know that what they did and couldn't do was the right choice.

Like you say it is upsetting when you hope to have some relief and things sorted.Plus it a lot to take in when receive the info after an op, esp as feel so emotional, drained and drowsy/woozy from the general anesthetic. When a week has gone by, things should settle a bit, info sink in a bit more. If not under a BSGE try to get refered to one.

You can still get pregnant and have IVF if you only have one ovary. As long as that ovary is accessible and in a good state. But remember you don't have to have them removed if don't want to.

Sorry I have blabbed on and hope I have at least help answer your concerns in some way! Get well wishes for your recovery and future treatment x


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