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Could this be endo? Bleeding almost constantly!

Hi everyone.

I'm 20 years old and from the UK. When I was 17, I was put on Cerelle (the mini pill) to help prevent severe migraines before my period. I cannot take the combined pill because I'm a migraine sufferer (have been since childhood, but they got a lot worse before my period).

For the first 18 months/two years, everything was peachy. My periods stopped completely, my migraines improved, and I had no side effects whatsoever. Awesome!

Then, about a year ago, my periods suddenly returned. Initially, they were quite light, only lasted 3/4 days, and were quite manageable, so I wasn't overly concerned. However, about six to eight months ago, my periods became heavier and lasted for a LOT longer. Now, it's not unusual for them to last 3, 4, or even 5 weeks. I'm on my period right now, and at this moment have been bleeding for close to two months. It may stop for a day or two, perhaps three if I'm lucky, but it always returns. It's becoming more than a little annoying and depressing. I've lost count of the number of pairs of underwear I've ruined, and the amount of times I've had to wash my bedsheets because I've leaked during the night, despite wearing 2 or even 3 pads to bed. It's driving me nuts! Work and college are a nightmare.

In terms of pain, it's not too bad. I get some cramps and occasional back pain, but it's very manageable. I've heard that endometriosis is incredibly painful, which makes me suspect I haven't got it, as I'm not in that much pain. It's mainly the near constant bleeding that's bumming me out. I'm also getting some nausea, but again it's not too bad.

I have a family history of endometriosis, both my mother and grandmother had it. My mum had to have a hysterectomy. I've booked a doctor's appointment, which is first thing Thursday morning (earliest they could book me in). Thankfully, I'm seeing the same doctor that prescribed me the mini-pill three years ago, and she has previously worked as a gynaecologist, so hopefully I'll be taken seriously!

Does this sound like it could be endo? Or is it just my body no longer liking the mini pill? Or something else? Any advice is appreciated.

Ugh, why are periods so annoying?!

Many thanks,


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Hi Hannah, I have endometriosis and have had it for many years (now 42) and I have had similar symptoms as you on the Cerelle mini-pill although I have only tried it for one month. I have been constantly bleeding nearly every day, sometimes heavily and so I have just asked to go on to another mini pill called micronor instead as it has different ingredients. In terms of not being really painful, there is a possibility that the pills are masking endo although I have been in a lot of pain with the mini pill but that may just be because my endo is more advanced. It might not be that you have endo but it is definitely worth getting it checked out especially given your family history. I wasn't diagnosed from 15 to 32 and this meant that my endometriosis became very advanced before it was treated so it is important that you get this checked out as soon as possible because I think the earlier it is found, the easier it is to treat. I would ask to be referred to a gynaecologist (I would look for an endo specialist in a BSGE centre if possible) as well as speaking to your doc who used to be one. I hope it isn't endo but better to know for sure now rather than later on.

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Hi Tulip, thanks for the reply!

Had my appointment today. She believes that the most likely cause of my bleeding is simply a side effect of the mini pill, and that it's not longer suitable for me. She has advised that I stop taking it and give it six to eight weeks. If in six to eight weeks I'm still bleeding, she will refer to me to a gynaecologist for 'further investigations'. To be on the safe side, she sent me for blood work to see how my thyroid is functioning (as an underactive thyroid can cause problems with your periods, apparently), what my hormone levels are, and to see if I'm anaemic. She has assured me that if any of my thyroid or hormone results come back normal, she will refer me straight away. Haven't heard anything about the results yet, though.


I meant, of course, if my results come back ABNORMAL, she will refer me! xD


Yes, I did read that the pill can suddenly stop working for many women including those who don't have endo. In my case it didn't work in the first place which is probably more of a sign of me having endo. I also have an underactive thyroid and low iron count so I'm glad you are getting those tested. I hope it turns out it isn't endo and wish you all the best.


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