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Constant bleeding!

I am loosing the will to live at the moment. I am constantly bleeding. My relationship has broken down and I don't no how to meet anyone else and explain to them that I'm bleeding all the time. This is ruining my life on top of this I have constant daily pain. i was put on utovlan to stop my periods and it worked. Then I had sex and I bled again. The bleeding won't stop :( does anyone know what I can do xx

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sending you hugs x x


Non-stop bleeding is awful - I really feel for you! I had a phase of constant bleeding years ago, when I was single and didn't even know anything about endo (went to GP who told me to lose weight!!) I bled for about 8 months before returning to some semblance of a normal cycle.

I would firstly suggest you go back to your GP as soon as possible and explain the utovlan has stopped working, and see if there's an alternative they can suggest.

In terms of explaining in a new relationship, the difficulty is that you don't want to introduce the subject too early (before it's certain the relationship will become sexual) but of course, you don't always know when you will move on to that phase, so you can find yourself in an awkward situation if you are suddenly heading towards the bedroom and your partner isn't aware of the problem.

All you can really do is get to the stage where you feel your partner is definitely someone you want to have sex with, and then start by talking to him about your health in general - perhaps introduce the subject by saying you've had a bad day because you've been in pain, and as the conversation develops, explain that you suffer from endo. He might already have heard of it (previous girlfriend/mum/sister) or you might have to educate him - and mention the bleeding alongside the other symptoms. This will sound corny, but if he isn't prepared to be understanding and sympathetic, he isn't someone who deserves to have a relationship with you.

When it happened to me, I didn't even have a medical explanation to give, it was just an embarrassing thing I had to somehow get through. One bloke ran a mile - and I was mortified - but shortly afterwards I met someone else who was mature enough to deal with it and be sympathetic. If he's worth it, he will understand.

Wishing you the best


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Ive been bleeding every day since April. It's very depressing especially when no doctor can give me a reason to why? Im seeing a new gyno next month, hopefully I will get something then. You are certainly not alone x


I am going through the same thing. Its awful. I am still waiting for a gyno referral . Please update when you have seen yours.


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