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So much pain 😢

Hi sorry just a bit of a moan as feel like I'm moaning to people about my pain and they just don't understand.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo and frozen pelvis 3 years ago now. 2 1/2 years ago I had a big op to remove it. I was so fortunate to fall pregnant 7 months after my op and now my gorgeous baby is 14 months old but since he was born the pain and problems started creeping back to the point where now I'm really struggling again. I only take a break from my pill every 3 months but I still end up in pain most of the time. Pain killers don't help. I'm trying desperately to get on with work and day to day life as I don't want this disease to beat me like it did before my last op, but it's so so hard. The pain is off the scale tonight so just felt like I needed to off load and I know everyone on here understands.

I've been told I will need a hysterectomy eventually but I don't feel quite ready for that especially with such a young child. I am seeing my consultant next thurs and I think he's doing a hysteroscopy. Although after googling this I don't think this really shows endometriosis but I don't know if he's looking for anything else. I'm going to have to beg him to help me when I see him as I really can't cope much more with this pain 😢

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Im in a similar position diagnosed in 2013 but my gp and last gynaecologist haven't been very helpful at all so I'm awaiting a second referral as I can't continue like this pain relief doesn't work anymore and I struggle on with my daughter who's 13 months and a son who's 2 to contend with I really understand how hard it is to just get by but I feel not only has this illness stole my social life and degree it's now stealing my children's childhood as my older son who is 9 had a far more active and happy mother before the endometriosis floored me ur doing great by the sounds of it at fighting back and hopefully u get all the support from your next appointment be that pain relief or another lap I just wanted to let u know ur not alone and sometimes moaning is all we can do xxx


Thanks for your reply it helps to know I'm not alone. I have a 7 year old too and like you it totally stole his early childhood and now I don't want the same to happen to my baby or for it to steal anymore of my elder boys childhood. Just things like sitting on the floor to play Lego are so hard. 😢 Sorry to hear you're not having much luck with your GP or Gynae. I don't bother with my GP very much anymore, although I spoke to another doc at the surgery yesterday in tears with my pain and he actually worked in gynae years ago and understood what I was saying. He's given me oromorph to keep at home. Thats really been taking the edge off the pain the last 24hrs. Are you able to get any of that?

You're right though sometimes we just have to moan, it's impossible to keep it bottled up. Big hugs.xxx


Luckily I have some strong painkillers strongest is tramadol but my gp is reluctant to even give me that msg me anytime thinking of u and ur family xx


Thank you, same to you message whenever you like.xx

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