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Sticky womb?


I posted yesterday regarding pains I have, however when I had my lap I was told no endo was found but I have a sticky womb?

Because I was still not with it straight after the procedure I didn't even question this. Any ideas what a sticky womb means, or is? Maybe this is the reasons to all of my problems ?

Thank you for reading and any advise would be much appreciated, symptoms I have are below -

Painful sex- occasionally

Painful urination - occasionally

Painful periods and ovulation , in my tummy , lower back and down my legs and bum.

However this month I have had these symptoms all month long,

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From what I understand it could be adhesions. Scar tissue. I could be wrong something worth looking into

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I just wondered if there was any mention of adenomyosis?

I just wondered as I got diagnosed with adenomyosis when I had my laparoscopy as well as endometriosis and the way my womb was described was enlarged, boggy and sticky.

Leg pain is certainly something associated with adenomyosis, I get awful pain across my lower back and bottom which radiates down my leg.

It may be nothing to do with adenomyosis but just made me think of how my womb was described after a lap.

You should get something in writing from whoever did your operation in a few weeks explaining what they found.

Wishing you a quick recovery.

Kind regards


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I was thinking that too but couldn't think of how to spell it at all. Haha. Glad you mentioned that. Wow I'm starting to wonder if that could be me. My pain pain are lower back leg pain bowel problems so much more. oh what the heck it could be anything. Roll on the 5th of December my gynaes going to get the most detailed diary of pain he's probably ever had haha.

Hope your ok lady's and pain isn't too bad today xx


I have read alot about adenmoysis recently, I was never told anything except, no endo found but a sticky womb... I had my lap in September.

Back to see the same doctor on Tuesday though so hopefully he can help me futher.

I am only given codeine and ibro for the pain :( nightmare! x


That's good that you are seeing the Dr on Tuesday.

I would think that he will tell you what he meant by sticky womb? I would maybe make a list of questions you would like to know before hand as it always goes so quick once you get in there and I always forget to ask things.

If you are still in a considerable amount of pain whilst on those medications I would think they could increase the dosage or possibly add another painkiller to help with the pain.

I hope you get some answers at the appointment. good luck xx

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