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Prostap / Lupron - any success?


I've been on Prostap for two months (out of 6 months), and the side effects are rather unpleasant. My hair is falling out, sweats/flushes day and night, mood is up and down, my skin is full of spots and my self esteem is pretty darn low!

I've had 2 laparoscopies, a hysterosalpingogram (dye down my tubes, x-ray), and now this injection, in the last 18 months. I've never been pregnant, no miscarriages. My consultant believes I'm ovulating, and to be honest, when I had periods, I had the ovulation aches, and have had positive Ovulation Predictor tests. Anyway, besides all this, I'm now on Prostap to shrink the endometriosis without another operation, and to perhaps improve my fertility, but I'm worried I'm going through all this for nothing, and will be unsuccessful in having a family.

Has anyone become pregnant after Prostap/Lupron?

If not, what was the fertility treatment beyond the injections? IVF IUI?


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