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Bigger Problems

Hi all, this post is semi related. But went back to the Drs Monday as still in pain, with small painful bumps on either side of my stomach, swelling, tiredness, sweating and extreme constipation- I have been prescribed laxatives with nothing to show for the last two days - Both in tablet and liquid form...You get the picture - not having the best time. The Dr who well, is the only one who's been remotely helpful thinks it may be something bigger as well as or instead of endometriosis - baring in mind this started with random bleeding for 3 weeks with one week in between after no period for 5 months and being horrifically unwell from August onwards.

Has anyone else and anything similar in that other problems have become apparent. They said they can't do the surgery to find out if its endo because I do not bleed on the Depo shot, minus the last month of the last lot I had...

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Probably worth adding I'm still having pain during sex on the lower left hand side which has got increasingly worse...



I'm a little confused, are they saying they wont operate because you don't normally bleed when you are on the Depo injection?



Yup, my dr said they can't see the endometrium/it makes it very difficult to as I do not bleed on the depo - except for the last three weeks of the three months of the last one I had. From all the other symptoms I have going on and how long I have been run down and god know what else I'm terrified of what the symptoms may also point to. At first my Dr thought it would be endo because of the bleeding, painful periods in the past and the pain during sex but now he's concerned it may be endo + something worse or just something worse. I am just really struggling :(


If I were you I would ask for a referral to a specialist centre. I had my first Lap due to pain even though i had previously been on the depo and hadnt had a period for over 2 years. They were still able to find endo.

Sometimes i think doctors just make things up

Victoria x

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