Anyone else had lap infection?

Hi Guys, I think the answer here will be to call my Dr, but wanted to know if anyone else has had this? It is exactly two weeks since my laparoscopy and everything seemed to be doing ok, until now. My belly button site looked to be weeping a bit and smells slightly. I presume this is an infection. So I will call my GP in the morning (I presume this is the right thing to do?) Has anyone else had this as I am very concerned 😞 Just as I thought I was getting better! Thanks guys x

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  • Yep call you doctor. I'm on antibiotics now as a result.

  • Thank you! Apparently it is a fungal infection so I have cream! Fingers crossed it works! X

  • Same happened to me. Best to get some antibiotics and keep the area dry.

  • Thank you! I am finding it hard to keep it dry as its changed shape! So I think that is why as it is fungal so have been given cream so hopefully it works! X

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