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Letter after operation

Hello. I had a letter from the hospital explaining what had happened during my op. However I am quite disappointed with this letter.

I hope your pain improves following your operation where we found endometriosis. All the disease has been cut away leaving the pelvis otherwise normal. Hopefully things will improve for you. We also placed a mirena coil and we will see you in 6 months to ensure that you are happy.

I was just expecting a little more really like the stage of endo and exactly where it was. My doctors called me the other day and said they had received my report and want to see me however, I wasn't told I need to go back so I'm confused as to why they need to see me. When I asked why they said to talk about my medication but I'm not on any. I did book it in but I'm in two minds to go as they probably won't know why I'm there either.

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This really is pretty poor and frankly treating you as if you are of no relevance in terms of how you are treated. It is your pelvis and you need to know where this endo was and exactly what they mean by 'cut away'. There has to be something more specific so ask your GP if they have anything more detailed and if not ask them to contact the hospital for a copy of the operative report to be scanned to you medical record. You medical record must by law be accurate and complete and give a full picture to anyone in the future acting on what is in there. This says nothing other than you were found to have endo.

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Thank you for the reply. At the bottom of the letter it's stamped to say it's been sent to my dr so I can only presume this is the copy they have aswell but it's not much help is it if do go to my appointment Thursday. I will call the doctors and see what they have. However, the secretary for the dr who operated is not much help and I hate calling her 😞 x


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