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MRI scan results confused!!

MRI scan results confused!!

Hi guys,

Am massively all over the place. Any help would be great.

My husband and I are trying for a baby and went on for a ultrasound as I've been struggling getting pregnant. Dr saw a cyst and asked me to go for an MRI scan. Results have come back to say I have endometriosis..... However not clear if that is what they say?

Could someone please help as not sure my dr knows what she is talking about!


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They found a biocordinate uterus meaning your uterus is in the shape of a heart: verywell.com/bicornuate-ute...

An endometrioma is also called a chocolate cyst which is a white tissue filled with brown or black dead blood. It's only found with endometriosis, so yes you do have endometriosis however you probably have superficial lesions as to deep lesions in your pelvis so others didn't show.

Your doctor should operate though since a cycst showing on MRI or ultrasound tend to be the 'tip of the iceberg'.


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