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Hi everyone I hope you're all as well as can be..

Does anyone know how I can get a copy of the write up of my pelvic MRI, I only had a letter saying my ovaries ect were okay. Im pretty sure my dr can't access it as I had it done in a different county. I would really like it for my records and I know it mentions pelvic veins being enlarged ( which consultant dismissed as being possible to cause any pain ) so I would really like to have a proper look if I need to refer to it in the future..

Many thanks in advance x

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Usually u can request your file directly from the place that's holding it usually this has to be formally in writing and there's usually a small fee to cover the cost I'm no expert but I have heard enlarged veins referred to as part of pelvic congestion which also causes pain so I agree u should try get them I might not be 100% accurate as I've only heard through a friend I want an MRI myself as ultrasounds have been useless I hope u get ur record and the answers u need good luck with everything best wishes xx


Hi and thanks for your reply. I had this mri in Nov last year and only found out that it said about the pelvic veins on Fri at my appointment with pelvic pain clinic. I too thought pelvic congestion but my consultant dismissed it straight away- very frustrating! I will request today and try not to worry as it's not unusual to want it for my records I just don't want them thinking I'm being awkward. Aw I really hope you get your MRI too, best wishes xx


It seems we have to become our own experts sometimes I've only just requested my full laparoscopy report as even my gp has never seen more than an outpatients release form handwritten in a pre printed form endometriosis found right tube blocked bowel adhesions and nothing else so it's hard even for the doctors to work without all the info too or at least that's what I'm hoping when I have I can research better and more passionate


We really do and everything is a battle isn't it, i hope you get your full report really soon good luck with it all xx

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U too xx


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