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2nd lap in 2 weeks and MRI with contrast

Hey gals,

So the consultant found more endometriosis than expected so he just took pix and told me I need a 2 hour slot for removal. The UCLH has a massive waiting list and time is running out for us to TTC so I'm having the 2nd lap on October 29 privately. Before I have it I've been booked for an MRI with contrast of my pelvis to check for deep endometriosis on my bowel. Has anyone had this? Do I need to fast beforehand? It's all happening so fast I'm really nervous!!!

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I had an MRI with contrast - they inject a very small amount of dyes and buscopan into your arm via a cannula. I didn't have to fast or anything. In fact they had to stop MRI maid get me to empty my bladder as too full ☺️

Assume you are under same doctor but private so at King Edward VII or Portland for these. MRI is pricey - I had mine at Portland so I know.

Good luck


They should let you know if you need to fast before hand. I needed to fast in the morning for my MRI but it is without contrasting die. I had CT with die and didn't need fasting. If not sure, just give the hospital a ring, they are much nicer and approachable at the private hospital.

Good luck! I had all done privately and received excellent care from The consultant from UCLH.


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