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Endo growing with no period

Good morning

I was diagnosed with endometriosis (along with pcos) about 5 years ago when I was trying to conceive my first child. I had it lasered and fell pregnant in the March. Since the birth of my 2nd child in January 2015, I have been on the implant contraception and subsequently had no bleeding or periods at all!

However in the last 6 months I feel like my endo symptoms have returned (pain and bleeding after sex, pain when going for a wee, exhaustion, pelvic pain and chronic back ache) could my endo have grown back even though I am not having periods? I just don't want to go back to my gp and be fobbed off

Tia for your time x

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Hi I don't really have any answers but am interested in the replies. I guess from my own experience being longer term on continuous birth control and not often bleeding (or ovulating) but still living with very definite 'endo' monthly cyclical symptoms, more in last few years It is good to hear of someone else having similar experiences. I am not in an area where seeking surgical treatment is currently a safe option and so I am relieved the hormone treatment I am on seems to be helping. My Gynaecologist does not try to fob me off but does try to give me strategies to improve my life. Fobbing off sadly seems to be a part of the endometriosis experience. Mine was incidentally removed around 7 years ago and I have only been on birth control for some of that time. I often wonder about the same thing you have asked here.


Yes it could have grown back even in the absence of periods. I had a mirena coil in and had no periods for years but had extensive endo removed in march this year and then again in September.


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