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Doctors can't decide

Hi everyone, so I'm just laying here thinking about endo and waiting for my lap and how long it's taken to get to this point. Basically I always get uti symptoms near my period and kidney infections, before my docotor referred me to the gynocologist and them thinking endo was on my bladder. I was under a urologist whenever I was in hospital with another kidney infection and in agonising pain with my period as well they would do ultrasounds every time, I was always told I had scarring on my kidneys and my left kidney was slightly abnormal. Whenever I went back to my urologist for my follow up appointments he would disagree with these ultrasounds because of other tests I had done that he sent me for checking kidney function etc. Could all of these years the scarring on my kidney that doctors argued over possibly be endo showing up on the tests?

I just lay here thinking with my thoughts and wondered what you ladies thought or if anyone has had anything similar happen? Iv been told a few times bladder endo isn't too common but all the symptoms are there. Just waiting for my lap. Thanks ladies xx

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Hi Soph94 I'm sorry for all the things u going through. I was diagnosed with endo 10 yrs ago and I always had 'uti' issues. I always mentioned every symptom to my gynae and because he knew I had endo he probably blamed it on that. I had a lap and s cytoscopy a week ago and was diagnosed with interstitial cysitis also so I always say we need to push for further testing if symptoms persist as certain doctors needs to be told because once u have diagnosis it's easy for them to blame it on endo. I felt happy and sad to have gotten abother diagnosis but on the other hand I can try to manage my IC. I have decided I know my body best and I know if something is wrong. Always go with your gut💛💛💛


Have a look at Endometropolis on FB. There are many Drs who often comment on questions like this. And many very experienced Endo sufferers. Have you asked your surgeon if they are planning to excise (cut away) your Endo? Or ablate (burn)? Think of your Endo lesions as an iceberg, they need cutting away by an Endo specialist not just the surface lasered/burning away. I had this problem with my first laparoscopy.

Is your urologist or a general surgeon going to be present during surgery? If not you should definitely ask. Get to the bottom of your kidney/bladder problems. Good luck!


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