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Had chocolate cyst surgery 2 yrs ago and now 8 weeks pregnant

Hello all,

I m 26 yrs old, i had chocolate cyst in my left ovary with mild adhesions got them treated through laprascopy 2 yrs ago,was then given depo shots and my wedding got fixed, i was then given bcps, i took them for 8 months with vinyasa yoga practise as i moved to usa from india after wedding, i was taking repeated ultrasounds after my surgery, it was all fine in the beginning,but 2 months after my wedding it showed bilateral polycystic ovaries because of which i had to practise rigorous yoga, later in april 2016 i took a us scan in india that showed clear ovaries with a dominant follicle in the left ovary,clear tubes,pod & uterus,i came off the pill took ayurvedic medicines and we tried for a baby in aug 2016 i fell pregnant with first try, i confirmed it thro hpts and blood & urine tests, i had dark brown discharge in my 6th week & was told to be in full bed rest, since then there is no brown mucousy discharge, i had white mucuosy discharge too, both will be seen only if i wipe in TP and not in my panty or napkin, very less discharge for 3 days lastin max for 4 hrs, it was now alright, then for the past two days i m having very mild cramps on either side of lower abdomen, mainly if i starve/vomit or dont drink adequate water, i continuously check my hearbeat rate its in range of 90-100beats/min, i m worried because if this pregnancy will become ectopic,miscarriage or chromosomal abnormalities due to my history of endo,also my belly is bloated and big i see this happen if i m not on strict diet and dont practise yoga,now since i m preggo i cant be on diet or do yoga,pls need ur suggestions on what it could be,i dont want endo to reccur,life will become miserable with surgeries & injections,also i havent had children yet.

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