Livial Add Back HRT with Prostrap - did it work for you?

I've been on a successful treatment plan for endo for the past 15 months taking prostrap injections monthly however it's no surprise to find that my libido has plummeted as a result. I mentioned this to my consultant yesterday at my review and he suggested trying Livial add back HRT to add a little more estrogen back. He did warn that it may bring my endo symptoms back so if it did I should stop the Livial add back however i wanted to find out other people's experience of this combination.

Staying on prostrap for now and have had my first bone density scan ordered.

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  • Have you been on prostap for 15 months? Have you had any side effects apart from the loss of libido?

    I've just started taking it. Can't comment on the add back as yet but I think they usually try to give you enough but not enough to flare the endo.

  • I've been on both for 6 weeks, I'm on the monthly injections and it's worked wonders for me but I do find on the last week when the month is up my symptoms started to come back in particular the severe mood swings and hot sweats/flushes but all disappeared again once I'd had another injection and Libido is good btw😊

  • Hi there, thanks so much for your reply. I was a tad apprehensive of the endo chronic pain coming back so haven't started the add-back yet, will consider doing so next week, when I'm feeling brave enough lol x

  • Hi again lovely. I was on this for 3 months this year. My consultant put me on both at the same time. It really helped with the endo (after about 6 weeks) and the Livial add back didn't seem to impact on the effectiveness of the prostap at all. Unfortunately with me something funny was going on with my bones and muscles which apparently wasn't the meds, it was the lack of oestrogen which my body couldn't cope with (bloody ironic!!) so they had to take me off them, as they were worried about osteoporosis and brittle bone formation. If I could have stayed on them I would. Certainly no lack of libido on them thank God 😁. It's all been shitty since I came off waiting for the next op with it all deteriorating all the time. Good luck!!!

  • Hi ya, thanks for getting back to me. Will start the add-back next week - but I haven't told my husband just in case things don't work and we both get our hopes up! I've been on prostrap for 16 months now and after having my routine checkup with him we are of the same opinion - stay on it unless your bone scan comes back to tell us otherwise - so fingers crossed later this month all will be ok and plan can stay as it is. Sorry to hear you're struggling. You had a date through yet lovely?x

  • Brilliant!! Good luck with that I hope it works well for you! Honestly, they put me on the add back almost immediately and the endo pain still went right down after a few weeks - it didn't seem to impact on the effectiveness at all. The prostap and livial really seemed to be working and we were shagging like bunnies definately no loss of libedo!!😂 I really wish I could have stayed on but they've said no and for the same reasons they won't now give me a hysterectomy. They're going to try me on the mirena coil though, when I have the op. I'm not supposed to have it because I've had 3 ectopics, but like he says, my risk of ectopic is soooo high that the mirena probably won't make that much difference to the risk, but hopefully will slow progression. I'm having my op on 14th November...Yay. Been told to bed rest till then as it's gone mad the last 2 weeks and I'm feeling really poorly all the time. They did offer to keep me in hospital, but frankly I'd rather have all my teeth pulled out with no anaesthetic that stay in for 2 weeks!!😂. I can't believe they send you home the same night though! Having all the endo crap removed and my bladder re-inflated and endo off bowel and bladder and home the same day...What's that all about? Getting boyfriend a nurses outfit I think😳. Fingers crossed for you..good luck lovely! x

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