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Mirena problems

I had the mirena fitted 12 weeks ago during a lap. I had a small spot of Endo and a large dermoid cyst removed. I'm getting period pain most days and really hormonal. I get really swollen and bloated and generally feel crap. I know it's early days but I'm tempted to get it taken out.

I'm worried about the Endo growing back but then I only had a small spot so maybe with a change in diet I can stop it growing back naturally.

I'm stuck in my own bubble and so forgetful it's unreal.


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Hi. I had a lap on Tuesday and had the Mirena fitted. I haven't had any bleeding yet but she said it could be a bit all over the place till it settles. Can endo grow back that quick? Hope you feel better soon


I haven't had any bleeding at all. Just lots of other symptoms and pain


Hi, I had my mirena fitted 6 weeks ago. Since I have had it fitted I have generally felt unwell very much cold and flu symptoms bloated and feel very uncomfortable.

I called the hospital clinic were i had it fitted and the nurse was explaining to me that it can take up to 6 months for all of these symptoms to settle.

I am really starting to think they oversell the mirena coil.

Hopeach that your symptoms settle soon and your feeling better.

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I'm getting pelvic pain everyday and I thought it was from surgery but I'm starting to think it's this coil . My skin is so oily too it's unreal


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