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Bowel leaking after surgery


I had a complete radical excision of endometriosis on the peritoneal skin, uterosacral ligamanet, and my tubes 5 days ago and have had some bleeding out of my vagina since which I know is normal. However this morning I woke up and had feaces in my pants (sorry for tmi) I haven't had a bowel movement since my operation which is also normal due to bowel prep and codine medications.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it something to worry about?

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This may be too personal.. but was it solid or more on the liquid side?

And did you take a laxative before the op?


Thank you for your reply :)

Haha it's okay I know it's a really gross post! It was liquid, I had a sanitar towel on and noticed it on there.

Yeah I had to do bowel prep the night before which was 6 days ago and that went until my bowel was completely empty.

I'm now terrified I'm going to have an accident if I do anything haha!


The same thing happened to me. For almost a week after my bowel was leaking liquid poo (sorry gross I know!)

I took picolax before surgery and my endo nurse thinks it may have still been in my system. Even when I was laying in bed I could feel liquid flowing out of my bottom!! They gave me, what looked like puppy training mats to lay on! I had no control over it at all.

But definitely contact your consultant or nurse to be on the safe side. X


Did you have your bowel shaved? Maybe could contact the surgeon about this?


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