Unsympathetic GP - help!

Hi ladies

I went to see my GP last night after a month of bleeding, pain and fatigue. I was diagosed with endo in may 2015 after years of pain and heavy bleeding. Endo removed - it was wrapped around my bowel and in patches everywhere and had the mirena coil fitted. After a few months I had the coil removed as it had a very bad effect on my moods and I gained weight. I suffered a terrible loss in December 2015, had a breakdown and am now taking antidepressants, anxiety tablets and sleeping pills daily. My GP last night told me very bluntly that I 'wasn't helping myself' and the only option left is the coil to go back in. I cannot risk a downturn in my already fragile mood and left the doctors in tears being told to 'go home and think about it - coil or pain'. They won't keep operating on me - which is not what I want anyway! I'm 30, divored with 2 little girls. I don't want any more children but cannot risk my body being affected by hormones which may push my mood even lower. Are there any alternatives?!

Thanks for reading xxx

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  • have u asked the doctor to refer you to get sterilised as had the same period problems and depression mood swings and was on high doses of anti depression pills but since i got sterilised my anti depressants have been lowered and my periods werent as heavy as they were its worth a shot to ask about it if ur sure u dont want anymore kids

  • Really?! That sounds worth a shot! Thank you! How old are you? Sorry if that's rude but I'm worried that my age is against me! X

  • I'm 37 and its not rude to ask lol

  • Hi you need to see a different GP Hun. That is just not good enough. They are there to help you not make you feel worse. I'm so sorry that this GP has treated you that way. Please see another one and ask them to refer you to a BSGE centre, where there are specialist consultants that can help you.

  • Thanks - my friend is gonna come with me to the next appointment as I don't always speak up well for myself. Fingers crossed I can get somewhere with it all! Thank you for your advice and support xxx

  • hi there, am sorry to hear of all your troubles. I have had endo for 28 yrs yes misdiagnosis.The mirena was a nitemare for me and moods did not help and physically worse than novtreatment at all. I personally have put up with endo pain without hormones as they make me feel far worse and have tried most of them. If you feel worse stop with the coil. I complained to practice manager bout my gp such ignorance...is your dr a man then I would change drsvfor a start off. Swimming helps, pregnancy stops it for a bit or hysterectomy which is very extreme ino. Your gp would not be so ignorant if it was one of hisvrelativesvsufferrring. Makes my blood boil whenI hear how we are treated.Get angry pain clinics available, and surgery is an option am having it again after 3 yrs.Its ok to break its a hard road but keep yr chin up and dont let them lecture or put you down.If its not working thats not your fault nothing BUT surgery has worked for me...take it easy on yourself stop beating yrself up. Bet yr dr couldnt function with endo and kids.Ivthrew the anti ds away they made it worse for me too and madel my hair fall out. What the hell do they know unless theyve been through it. Sending you positive vibes x

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