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1st Laparoscopy

So yesterday I had my 1st laparoscopy and they diagnosed me with stage 3 pelvic endometriosis. I have struggled with this because on one hand I'm relieved to have finally have a diagnosis, and that people will stop telling me to 'just man up' or thats it probably IBS, but I'm finding it harder coming to terms with the implications and what it means for me. I'm going to be 18 in a week and thankfully I've had a fairly quick diagnosis (I started noticing symptoms at age 14). I was wondering if anyone had any advice about going forwards from here? About getting my life back on track and everything? Thank you

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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis so young. You sound like you have a positive attitude. I think there is alot of good advice on this forum if you have a browse around. I would say pay attention to the diagnosis, I too have stage 3, it was found incidentally in another pelvic surgery and I was lucky to have it excised, was a bit too dismissive with it and it came back before I realised what it was. I can also advise to choose your health professionals and perhaps surgical interventions carefully. There is some good information under poster 'lindle' if you want to do reading to get more understanding it has helped me come to terms with it over the years understanding the fatigue etc.


I have also had symptoms since I was 14 but like you was fobbed off for years finally being diagnosed at 22 I'm now 33 it's a long painful road but with the right care and positive attitude which it seems you have you can and will have as normal a life as you can! I have only found this forum recently and have found it a great help to talk to other sufferers. How are you getting on post op?


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