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Problems flaring up again

So I have been diagnosed with PCOS (although the only symptom I have is cysts on my ovaries, everything else points to ovarian cysts or endo) and to help with the endo symptoms I have been given the marina coil.

Things were going really well for around 6 months, symptoms started decreasing and stopped for 3 months. Then I started getting bowl problems again and pain in the tops of my legs, extreme tiredness and pain in my lower abdomen. So much I can't sleep or function properly some days.

Has anyone else had similar issues? tried a treatment and only lasted a short amount of time? Specific to the marina coil?


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Everyone's individual, but I had horrible problems with the marina coil and it was a fight to get a nurse to remove it! They said they only would in an emergency - ridiculous. But yes, since getting it I had cysts and pain and bowel problems after about 3 months, two scans and a diagnosis of PCOS (despite having none of the other symptoms of PCOS) eventually got to the point of 2 emergency admittances to hospital, a misdiagnosis of IBS, being told it was all psychosomatic and being sent home with nothing more than "monitor the pain at home". It can help some women, but it sounds like it's making it a lot worse for you. Sorry you're going through it. X


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