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Don't let doctors intimidate you

So often , especially when you are young and in pain you get tensed up and end up leaving realizing that you did not get answers to what you want .

They are merely doctors .

Some very smart others just text book smart .' You won't know of your doctors level of experience unless you ask ask ask

You have the right to say

You know Dr I just don't think you can help me so I'm going to find one who can.

( please leave now so I can get dressed and get out of here )

That last part is my personality

Some may think it rude .

Doctors are not Gods

And should not act like they know it all or can fix it all.

The endo clinics sound like a good place to start

They were not around when I went thru this.

Now after years and years of experience with doctors I can tell pretty quickly if they are wasting my time .

I had a dr tell me narcotics are not addicting

I was decent about it ( I really wanted to slap him )

I said you are wrong

Look it up

Sit in there and google sites about endo so you know what to ask.

No dr has the right to promise anything to you or say

" well those doctors you had were wrong so listen to me I'm right "

Yes I've heard that one to

The truth is this disease called endo is mysterious.

We all have different pain , bleeding . Bloating

But not all at the same time .

It does change overtime .

So there are really no experts but getting to a dr who is devoted to work on this is half the battle .

The other ones don't know what they are doing .

Mistakes happen all the time in the surgery room.

And your dr is not allowed to tell you that .

Lawyers they have give them what they are allowed to say and what not to

They won't admit wrong doing

They are not allowed.

So with that in mind and the fact that everyone has a boss make sure you get what you are paying for Z

You are hiring them to do a service on you .

I may have stepped out on another limb .

I've been told I do that time to time but I'm honest and say things how I see them.

I may not always be right but if im wrong I'll find out the right way.

Endo is so complete.

The answers we want are not always known.

We still do not know what causes it .

Cells that go wrong when your immune system is down is when most disease start .

Look up inflamation .

Do all you can to relieve it because that is what is causing the pain something is inflamed .

Turmeric you can google that has a lot of immune disorders with pain can be helped .

I guess what I'm saying is

You are in for the fight of your life

And you can win.

You are going out have a be the one who finds the tools .

Not just what doctors say .

Research it there is much uou can do and you should not have to suffer for years .

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The best thing anyone can do is read and read pages 5 and 11-16 of the ESHRE guideline and they should have the ammunition they need:



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