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Burning to pee?:(


I've got endo & polycystic ovaries however last month and now this month I've been getting terrible urine infections. Antibiotics cleared the last one fine. This time Ive noticed blood, I have the worst bloated stomach (could be endo flare) and there's been a couple of times when I'm struggling to even hold my urine and have to rush to the toilet.

My doctor said the blood and the heavy bladder / bad control means a severe infection - just gave me antibiotics

Is there any link between these infections and my endo/ovaries?

My doctors just said go to a&e if the pain gets too bad, what would the hospital do?

Thank you :) x

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Hi sorry to hear your suffering.

The hospital won't do anything new, just give you painkillers or more antibiotics.

Many women suffer with endo and infections I do think it is linked. How is it linked? That I don't know.

I'm suffering with blood in my urine, burning and stabbing pains, bloated stomach. I've had numerous infections and have been on numerous antibiotics. I have endo wedged inside my bladder which is causing the bleeding and burning pains. I also have endo endo on both of my ovaries and around my bowels.

Have you had any pelvic scans done or camera test done to see what's going on inside your bladder?

I had stage 4 endo in 2014 endo was everywhere and all my organs were stuck together causing me agony. I had my organs unstuck and some of the endo removed, but now it's all come back in the same place causing me the same pains all over again. I'm due to have yet another operation, I'm just waiting for an operation date.

I hope you feel better soon and get it all sorted out.




Thank you for your reply, at least I know it can be linked and it's not something else new if that makes sense.

I had a CT scan last week and I'm due to have a pelvic scan but both were for my pain in my pelvis - this infection started two days ago but is definitely worse! They ruled out water infections / kidney stones last week :(

I'm sorry to hear that your endo is coming back worse and that you're getting further complications. It's such a horrible thing & I hope after the second surgery it causes less pain - good luck & hope it all goes well!


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