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Hey ladies does anyone else feel sick a lot? I can eat normal some days but other days an overwhelming feeling of sickness comes on anything makes me feel sick. Today for example Iv had to take an anti sickness because it was so bad. I wondered if anyone else got this also sorry for tmi but a unsettling feeling in my stomach like a need diarrhoea but I never have it? Iv had a really bad for the past few weeks quite severely. Is it endo related? Does any one else have similar experiences and symptoms or could it be something else?

Thanks ladies. X

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No idea if it's endo related but I get nausea a lot - like just a sickened feeling in the back of my throat and the urge to heave. Once it happens once I'll get the feeling a lot for a week or two and then it'll go away for a few weeks. I usually force myself to eat anyway because I've found I only occasionally actually get to the point of vomiting, and I don't wanna lose too much weight. I've found sucking on a mint or eating crystallised ginger helps it a lot.

I get the diarrhea feeling a lot too, but actually going to the bathroom is fine and solid - though I do find I need to go more often when I feel like this (sorry for tmi!). The feeling usually starts in the morning one day and wakes me up. It can last a few days before it mysteriously disappears.

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I.m the same.dont understand it!! Ive had 2 years of it.horrid!! & sometimes when i eat a semi large meal as i call.it.i get palpitations!!! Very weird!!


I'm the same. Sometimes I find I cannot eat and my colleagues think I'm weird that I'm not eating. I use herbal teas to help including lemon and ginger, raspberry leaf as well as lemon myrtle.


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