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Endo and new relationship

Hi I used to post here regularly a few years ago but took a break after I split up with my husband after nearly 20yrs together and got divorced.

I recently met someone new and straight away felt comfortable enough to tell him about the endo (stage 4). He's been great so far very understanding, even looked after me all weekend after a flare up just a month into the relationship and wants to know more about it.

It's going back a few years but I remember there being a great you tube video that explained things really well. It was abit like a slide show presentation with someone talking in the background explaining as it went on. It wasn't a very long video but would be perfect for what I need to show him but I can't find it.

Long shot I know, but does anyone know what I'm talking about and can forward a link?

If not does anyone have any suggestions or experiences they can share on what they have done/said to help a new partner understand. I don't want to give him an info overload too soon and scare him off.....

Thanks for reading

T x

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