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Endo and CBD oil?


Hi everyone. I’ve been struggling for 10 years with endo. In the last year I’ve ended up in a&e twice with the worst pain I’ve ever had. I’m currently awaiting a Gynae referral but have had scans which show cysts and a mass on my ovary. I have dealt with the highs and lows of endo for so long but I’m having a pretty bad low with it just now and feeling very down and lost with it all. I’m on tramadol usually for the pain but have started (yesterday) with cbd oil after hearing some positive things about it in regards to pain. Has anyone got any experience of using it? Does it work (even a little bit, not expecting miracles), how often do you use it? Thanks all xx

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Personally I haven’t found a noticeable relief from it in the past (using the oil under my tongue) but I know others who do. I have recently started vaping and added some to my vape. I’m not sure if it works but I’ll be vaping anyway so may as well hope for the best.

I’m trying the vape too. It’s all weird for me as I’ve never smoked so started it just for trying cbd. Fingers crossed even a little relief will be nice

If you don’t smoke I wouldn’t recommend it, vaping is still new so long term effects haven’t been established (I use mine as a tool to give up smoking)

You can buy cbd oil designed to go under the tongue (two drops I think) and it is absorbed that way. That would be safer than smoking and probably have more of an effect if it’s directly absorbed.

I’m not sure if the “vape” cbd oil is the same as the “tongue” cbd oil though. I’m sure they’re both just cbd but I’d double check the packaging before you go accidentally ingesting something lol.

I’ve also heard a lot of good things about cbd bath bombs

Do you know anywhere that sells them?

Have a look at the CBD brothers website for some decent strength oil. You'll find the ones you can buy on the high street aren't potent enough to do anything of use. Google how to take it. I put it under my tongue and let it absorb. The advice on the CBD brothers blue edition oil I buy says to start with 2-3 drops a day and take it from there. We're all different I suppose. I'd heed advice about the vape though. I wouldn't go there personally x

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